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Offshore Consulting

Executed by trained, educated, and practiced team members that provides clients an independent capability to fully explore alternatives in plans, operations, concepts, organizations, and capabilities in the context of the operational environment and from the perspectives of partners, competitors, and others.

  • Performance Management

  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation

  • Contract Review

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Contract Reporting

  • Performance Analysis

  • Program Growth and Expansion

  • Contract Training

  • Outreach and Program Marketing

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Subcontract Management


We help our clients successfully manage their contracts and programs, which reduces their risk, expands their profitability, and maintains their compliance with the contract requirements.

Our team has a range of experience in program and contract management, including the following:

  • Our consultants have performed as Program Managers for multi-mllion dollar federal programs.

  • We have provided contract management support for Federal contracts at many different departments and agencies. Services provided include: compliance checks, program reporting, performance management and analysis, legal document review, and subcontractor management.

  • We have provided strategic guidance and executive mentoring to businesses that are managing their first large Federal programs.

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