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 NEW  Fly-Away SERT/HAZMAT Diving System

 NEW  Inspection Class ROVs

 NEW  Containerized DDC w/Class II Bell





Equipment Lease: Salvage Engineering Response

1. SERT ROV Systems -
1000 & 3000 FSW
2. SERT Gas Dive/DLS System
- 300 FSW
3. HAZMAT Air Dive/DLS System
- 200 FSW
4. Bio-Chemical Dive System - 300 FSW

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Mission-specific systems are term leased to our clients with IMCA training, certification, and equipment husbandry.

SERT equipment spreads are staged at client's strategic locations, or at our warehouse, and can be air or road shipped to inland sites and vessels of opportunity worldwide within
2 hrs. notice.

All ISO containers are specialty design/built to accommodate client requirements.

HVAC, insulation and power, marine fittings, watertight doors and portals for all weather conditions.

Specialty Containers:

  • Welding, Burning, Rigging and Offshore Hydraulic Tools

  • Flood Lights, Pumps, Salvage Air Bags, Jetting Equip.

  • Command and Control Station

  • Onsite Crew Quarters for Remote Operations 

  • Toxic Material Containment Handling, Onsite Washdown, Clean Room



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