Majestic Offshore - Welcome

 NEW  Fly-Away SERT/HAZMAT Diving System

 NEW  Inspection Class ROVs

 NEW  Containerized DDC w/Class II Bell





Satellite Data Transmission (Lease Systems)
     Subsea Transmission from Offshore Vessel or Inland Operation

  • Uplink from Subsea Video or Sensors

  • Video Conference Vessel to Shore

  • High Resolution Imagery 

  • Multiple CCTV Installation & Hubs

  • Multiple Subsea Sonar Data Installation & Hubs

  • Specialty ISO Communication Containers

    Secure Transmission for:

  • Surface Supplied Diving, Air & Gas and SAT Support

  • Bio/Chemical Diving Operations Support

  • Ultra High Thrust ROV Search and Survey 

  • Fraud and Forensic Investigation

  • Grounding Survey, Salvage Support, Hull Repair Documentation

  • Port and Lock Facilities Infrastructure Documentation 

  • Marine & Civil Engineering Sub-Consultant Support 

  • DSV, Diving Support Vessels

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