Majestic Offshore - Welcome

 NEW  Fly-Away SERT/HAZMAT Diving System

 NEW  Inspection Class ROVs

 NEW  Containerized DDC w/Class II Bell





Salvage Engineering Response Teams  (SERT)
24/7 Provided under Master Service Agreement

  • Hull Sweeps - Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) & Contraband

  • Diver, ROV, AUV Sonar Scanning

  • High Resolution Towfish Side Scan Survey valve4.jpg (7401 bytes)

  • Magnetometer Towfish Survey

  • SubBottom Towfish Survey

  • Surface Supplied Diving, Air & Gas 

  • Bio/Chemical Diving Operations

  • Ultra High Thrust ROV Search and Survey 

  • Fraud and Forensic Investigation

  • Grounding Survey, Salvage Support, Hull Repair

  • Port and Lock Facilities Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair 

  • Marine & Civil Engineering Sub-Consultants  

  • DSV, Diving Support Vessel Management

  • Specialty Equipment Acquisition & Husbandry

  • Training and Certification Program

Air Shipped to Vessels of Opportunity Worldwide. Road shipped to any Port, Power Utility or Marine Construction Site in the USA. Personnel carry TWIC, MTS Port and DoD Security Clearances.




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