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Majestic Oil & Gas

Mission and Vision
For 25 years, Majestic Oil and Gas has been a leader and innovator of ground breaking technology, methods, and knowledge in oil, gas, and energy worldwide. With a consistent presence in this industry, it's pretty easy to recognize trends and innovations with the greatest potential when we see one.

Our Business
Our portfolio of services is based on providing solutions, selling value over price, assembling managerial teams, specialty equipment and capital for the offshore industry. Our clients include Federal and State Agencies, Civil and Heavy Marine Construction and the Petrochemical industry. The Gulf of Mexico is our primary client base. The Oil & Gas industry is our core market.

Majestic Oil & Gas owns an equity stake and JVs in several service firms allowing for synergistic partnering and risk management. Majestic Oil & Gas was incorporated in 1994.
Our consulting teams are seasoned senior managers who are available to our clients with term contracts. We own and charter specialty assets and will arrange to design/build vessel and subsea systems and QC the process for our client.

Executed by trained, educated, and practiced team members that provides clients an independent capability to fully explore alternatives in plans, operations, concepts, organizations, and capabilities in the context of the operational environment and from the perspectives of partners, competitors, and others.

Our network of partners are capable of delivering a wide variety of shipping and transportation solutions, as well as niche specialty services to the offshore industry. Charters include OSV, DSV, DPV, and tug and barge. We can efficiently arrange charters globally as well. New vessel construction and rebuilds and the arrangement for acquisition or sale of a vessel to global parties is a core part of what we do.

Majestic Oil & Gas, LLC also provides ROV and Diving Equipment and is partnered with established subsea operating firms. Specialty operations include IMR, SERT and HAZMAT equipment and teams.

Based on availability and scope of work, we can arrange for our clients inspection ROVs & work class ROVs, dive spreads to 300 fsw and under a master service agreement we can source 12 man saturation dive capability. Our team will arrange ADS and manned submersible operations globally. Our management has operated in 16 countries on 5 continents.

We help our clients successfully manage their contracts and programs, which reduces their risk, expands their profitability, and maintains their compliance with the contract requirements.
Our team has a range of experience in program and contract management, including the following:

  • Our consultants have performed as Program Managers for multi-mllion dollar federal programs.
  • We have provided contract management support for Federal contracts at many different departments and agencies. Services provided include: compliance checks, program reporting, performance management and analysis, legal document review, and subcontractor management.
  • We have provided strategic guidance and executive mentoring to businesses that are managing their first large Federal programs.
The following has helped us to maintain healthy, thriving relations with 500 top companies worldwide.

Majestic Gas & Oil has just obtained exclusive patented rights to a new technology in oil and gas production, maintenance, and processing. This technology does not involve water, it's better for the environment, and it increases oil production more than 10 times current flow.

The state of Louisiana has existing orphan wells worth hundreds of millions of dollars today. Reports, testing, and our historical knowledge of these areas indicate millions of high grade crude in reservoirs waiting to be produced and refined. With this newly acquired technology, the potential is overwhelming. Majestic oil and gas is in the process of acquiring and producing existing economical wells and remediating them.
Our experts and partners in technology, have come together and carefully planned the perfect operation for productivity.

Contact Information

Gordon D. Rice
Office: (337) 984-2628
Cell: (337) 962-7423

David Holzman
Office: (323) 746-5119
Cell: (310) 855-2773

Affiliated Company

  • Majestic Offshore LLC: Specializing in bulk sales of petroleum products (JP-54, D2, Mazut, Crude Oils, Gasoline). Dealing directly with refineries worldwide and end buyers.
  • Trilogy Mining and Development LLC: Owner operator of barite and frac sand mines worldwide.

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